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Adhub brings together ADVERTISERS and CONTENT CREATORS in the cryptocurrency industry, helping them create mutually beneficial relationships. Brands get targeted growth, and content creators monetize their YouTube and Twitch channels.


What Marketing Services do we Offer?

For Advertisers

For Advertisers

  • Seamless Crypto Influencer Marketing
  • Adhub takes the stress out of searching for crypto influencers so that you can focus on creating superior ad campaigns for your target audience.
  • AI-Based Matching
  • The Adhub Artificial Intelligence (AI) system learns your ad content and matches you with the crypto content creators that fit your image and marketing needs.
  • Ad Campaign Tracking
  • We provide in-depth stats allowing advertisers to track the performance of their marketing campaigns on YouTube and Twitch.
  • Leverage the Internet of Behaviors (IoB)
  • Get insights into the behavior of your target audience to boost the performance of your future marketing campaigns.
For Content Creators

For Content Creators

  • Bringing Advertisers to Crypto Content Creators
  • You’ll get ad campaigns that suit your channel and audience.
  • Smart Monetization
  • Our AI system will calculate your remuneration based on your channel performance and audience activity.
  • Pre-Made Ads from Advertisers
  • Get pre-made ads in a wide range of forms and feature them on your channel.
  • Affiliate Pools
  • Find the best deals in one place and increase your chances of earning affiliate rewards.

Get To Know Our Team

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How To Start

For Brands

Sign up

Sign up on Adhub.

Create your campaign

Create your ad campaign and submit it to our team for approval.


Our AI algorithm will then show your ad campaign request to a suitable content creator.

Start Tracking

Start tracking performance via your account dashboard once your ad campaign is live.

For Content Creators

Register an account

Register an account on Adhub.

Submit your channel

Submit your channel for approval.

Register an account

Our AI algorithm will then display ad campaigns that best fit your channel and audience on your dashboard.

Register an account

Select an ad campaign request and feature it on your channel to start earning.

Why use our services?

  • You will get seamless influencer marketing thanks to our AI algorithm. This ensures that advertisers only collaborate with the crypto influencers that will put their marketing campaigns in front of the right audiences.
  • Content creators go through a meticulous approval process hence advertisers access the best crypto influencers with the right audience for their products or services.
  • Adhub is backed by a professional team with years of experience in marketing and advertising.