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Top 7 Crypto Youtubers in 2023

Top 7 Crypto Youtubers in 2023


Cryptocurrencies have arrived to stay, so it's time to find out how to avoid making a mistake when investing. A great ally is YouTube with its influencers and its content. To help them, we have made a list of the main YouTubers who talk about this topic and are revolutionizing the way you talk about cryptocurrencies in a simple and accessible way so that any type of audience can meet. Alongside these influencers, the AdHub platform unites content creators and advertisers.

When connecting Anunciates and YouTubers, AdHub, helps them with monetization, thus making it possible to continue these channels that are very important to investors with any level of experience.


DataDash: The Technical Analysis Maestro


With his great knowledge of digital assets, Nicholas Merten, the Datadash host, has won millions of followers.

It translates charts and tables, with its simple concepts in simple terms that even beginner investors can understand. Your videos show market trends, support levels of resistance, and graphic standards. Datadash commits to education, presenting to its audience, tools that help you navigate this volatile market. He talks about ruptures and alerts about possible traps that may occur.

Merten has engaging communication and an articulated and personal energy that turns boring content into an interesting learning experience.


Ivan on Tech: Bridging Development and Investment


Ivan on Tech, led by Ivan Liljeqvist, was a software developer and today is crypto with great blockchain knowledge and investment strategies.

The channel transforms the complexity of protocols, Smart Contracts, and decentralized applications in Blockchain into simpler concepts, showing the properties that may be profitable to investors. Liljeqvist uses her experience as a developer to understand new technologies and translate them clearly and accurately, both for her experienced audiences and beginners. It focuses on education and information about market trends.

Ivan on Tech transforms lovers into digital assets into well-informed professionals through interviews with people who stand out in the sector.


The Moon: Carl Martin's No-Nonsense Approach


Carl Martin, on his channel The Moon, stands out for its light, direct, and objective market analysis content. With his energetic and realistic style, he has won a public in the crypto ecosphere of YouTube, where clarity is often overshadowed by complexity.

Carl Martin's sensible approach is particularly evident in his market evaluations, where he transforms complex market movements into simple and understandable analyses. The channel coverage goes beyond the main cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, bringing the main altcoins giving a global view of the market. For traders who value substance instead of style, The Moon offers a pragmatic view of the volatility of the cryptographic scenario.


Crypto Zombie: Navigating the World of Altcoins


Crypto Zombie, liderado pelo afável K-Dub, é um manual para amantes dos desconhecidos das altcoins. A dedicação da K-Dub em navegar pelas complexidades de ativos digitais menos conhecidos tornou o Crypto Zombie um canal indispensável para aqueles que buscam diversificar seus portfólios de criptografia além do mainstream.

Além de criptomoedas como Bitcoin e Ethereum, K-Dub fala sobre projetos que não são o centro das atenções, mas que têm o potencial de abalar o mercado. Aquele que deseja sair na frente com os novos projetos, tecnologias e novas oportunidades, o Crypto Zombie é indispensável para o conhecimento das altcoins.


Altcoin Daily: Your Daily Dose of Crypto News


Created by Brothers Arnold, Aaron, and Austin, Altcoin Daily is a daily channel that brings the latest events in the digital asset market. By always having relevant content, it has become a reference between the cryptocurrency channels.

The channel talks about various news that includes market movements, project updates, regular development, and partnerships. This is where they ensure that their followers have a deep market understanding.

With an extremely volatile and constantly changing market, having a channel with daily publishes, with a consistent and reliable information flow, helps us keep up to date in this scenario.


Chico Crypto: Unveiling Hidden Truths


Chico Crypto, headed by Tyler Swope, brings in-depth cryptocurrency publications. With the irreverence of his presenter, he explores hidden truths, conspiracy theories, and aspects of cryptographic space that often escape the public's attention. The commitment to presenting less-discussed narratives makes Chico Crypto a unique channel in the YouTube cryptoesfera.

The channel takes a critical examination of this scenario. Since this content is not much explored, it causes your followers to quote the predominant narratives and think critically. Even though he is challenging for some people, Chico Crypto promotes necessary conversations about possible ethical traps and considerations.

Swope's engaging and often humorous style facilitates these discussions that could otherwise be considered very serious or complex.


BitBoy Crypto: Energetic Market Commentary


Bitboy Crypto, directed by charismatic Ben Armstrong, talks about cryptocurrencies with enthusiasm. Armstrong's lively and engaging style transforms what could be considered a complex analysis into a fun and educational experience.

The channel's appeal is its versatility. From comprehensive market analysis to analysis of new projects and careful interviews, the channel serves a diverse audience. Armstrong's ability to make information complex in content easy to understand made Bitboy Crypto a mandatory channel for both experienced and beginner investors, joining entertainment and education.

Bitboy Crypto always remains up to date, bringing to his followers the latest valuable news and insights in this market.




Crypto influencers on YouTube are pioneers of content creators about the complexity of digital assets. These YouTubers are acting as translators of technical terms and educators of this difficult scenario with the support of AdHub with its intelligent algorithms, joining them with advertisers compatible with your channel.

As influencers decode market trends, reveal hidden truths, and bring the cryptographic space to life, Adhub works quietly behind the scenes and ensures that advertisers and creators are at the perfect intersection. It is about making important connections in the world in the constant evolution of cryptocurrencies.